Design for Island Life

In Spring 2016, the Masters of Design Innovation students were tasked to work with communities across the Outer Hebrides after their two week long ‘Winter School’ where they met local island members who talked about life on the islands. Over the following twelve weeks these students would develop a series of island projects that were co-created with communities and groups on the islands, including: Barra Youth Cafe, Storas Uibhist, Taigh Chearsabhagh, and An Lanntair.

Four projects were selected to showcase the diversity of solutions to the communities that would become the travelling pop-up exhibit, these included: Storywave, Bike Hub, Co-Cheangal, and Decision Making. The aim would be to share the work that the students had done, as well as, to receive feedback from the communities.

The design of the exhibit was setup to be compact, portable and most importantly be able to fit in the boot of a car. Inspired by Eames cards, this plywood ‘totem’ display is freestanding and slotted together to create the structure. The panels are easily assembled and disassembled placed wherever it was required. More importantly the imagery is removable and therefore the panels are a sustainable and re-usable, yet unique, way of presenting our work.

Pop-up Exhibition/GSA
November 2016