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George Jaramillo


Innovation Designer


The Highlands of Scotland


Innovation Designer creating collaboratively


At the heart of my work, I am a creator and critical investigator of the cultural and creative realm be it academic, architectural, design, or conservation. My professional work extends over a fifteen year period including printed, digital, in-situ, and constructed buildings.

I am currently a Researcher and Studio Lecturer at The Glasgow School of Design's Creative Campus ( in the Highlands of Scotland. Prior to that I was a PhD Researcher at the University of Edinburgh, where I studied the working landscape of the southern Peak District through creative immersive methods. In the past, I was a Yosemite National Park ranger where I worked as an historical architect for the branch of History, Architecture and Landscapes. I helped preserve and protect the park's built historical environment from the grand lodges of the valley to the smallest backcountry cabin.

I welcome you to my page and encourage participation in experiencing my work and look forward to your comments. Thanks!



University of Edinburgh

Edinburgh, UK · 2012 – 2015


Columbia University

undefined · 2003 – 2005


Cornell University

Ithaca, NY · 1996 – 2001

2018 Aural Textiles : RSE Workshop Grant , Royal Society of Edinburgh
A funded research project to explore bio-acoustic inspired textile designs.

Design Thinking, Participatory Research, Architectural Design, Historic Preservation