View of the five light beams

Location of the installation on Bonsall Moor in the Peak District National Park

Miner's Lamp Installation

The historic lead mines of the southern Peak District embody the labour and efforts of miners gone, as well as, reflect the industrial past of the region. In my research, I have come to explore these underground places. In the darkness of the underground, light provides not only the ability to see, but also offers comfort. This paper focuses on the creation and execution of a temporary five-day light art installation, named Miners’ Lamp, on the southern moors of the Peak District National Park. Inspired by my subterranean explorations and immersive research, the Miners’ Lamp engages the local community and encourages a reconsideration of the ‘hidden’ labour landscapes on the moor. The installation works with the ideas of darkness, light, memory, and the underground showcasing the practice of geography and art in a rural setting and speaking to the politics of preservation through a different aesthetic.

Art in the Derbyshire Dales Grant
July 2014