The original WPA posters of the 1930s inspired this poster for one of the newer parks in the National Park Service. The Guadalupe Mountains in west Texas represent a new set of wilderness parks, unlike its older western counterparts.

A local non-profit showcases local musical groups emphasised by the local fauna

A collection of identifying posters for the Division of Resources Management and Science at Yosemite National Park.

When a wildland helicopter firefighter crew needed a new image for their base, inspiation came from the beautiful scenery of their base. Set high at 6,000 ft., their base is a combination of modern high-tech machinery with the Rustic 1930s fire tower.

Graphic Design

A variety of graphic design invluding imagery for the National Park Service, research design, and the Glasgow School of Art. The imagery takes simple lines and powerful images to portray a unified theme across all of the different stakeholders, but maintain an element of creative fun.